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I feel that it is extremely important to keep up to date with what is going on in the design industry. It isn’t as important as say, the tech industry but it is still helpful, none-the-less. You see, design is in some ways a personal experience because it is ultimately an expression of your feelings. It is what you are feeling on a certain day, or how you react to a situation that ignites a spark inside of you. But at the same time, design is a very external element. It is all around us. We interact with it on a daily basis. No matter how much we may think that it is just “that way”, almost everything that we come into contact with has been carefully designed to catch our eye.

I chose to follow @DesignObserver, @Centernetworks, and @Printmag. These three companies are all in the same field; design. But they are looking at it from three different perspectives. One approaches it from more of an artistic design side. They look at how design is impacting media of all different types. Another is focusing on how to connect designers and integrate works between jobs. The last focuses on design in print media. The last one is especially useful to me because I am in the print media field.

@DesignObserver is important to my field because they post about current news from a design perspective. Since I hope to be a graphic artist someday it is necessary for me to be up to date on what is new in the field. They talk about new programs that are coming out, new techniques for interesting effects, and they even provide the occasional link to things like photoshop tutorials. I would not say that they are an industry “leader” per-say. But they definitely have some really good resources for what I am looking for.

@Centernetworks is focused more on the networking side of things. They tweet about upcoming events and things that might help a person get involved in programs to improve their portfolios. They also do a lot to inform people of what’s happening in the areas other than their primary focus. This helps because in the design world you need to know a little about a lot of things. It helps to know a lot about a lot of things, but just being informed plays a huge part. For example, a designer needs to know what resolution and size they need to design a flyer if they want to get a good print from the printer’s end. Without knowing those things they would receive sub-par results. That is why cross-industry collaboration is so important.

@Printmag is focused on the printing side of the industry. This would be the industry leader that provides the most useful information to me. Being a graphic arts management major, I deal with both the design side as well as the printing side. It is critical that I don’t fall behind on what is happening on the side of press capabilities and breakthroughs in press design. Printmag focuses on that end of things. They have a lot of great tweets that provide important news regarding the industry. They also link out to other sources that provide more specific information depending on what you are looking for.

It is amazing to me that these social networks, like twitter, have exploded into such a valuable resource. At first I didn’t really understand what all of the fuss was about but now I see how great it is. It’s nice to have so much information coming from so many people. The best part about it is that you can focus your searches to find only those that relate directly to what interests you. It cuts so much time out of looking for sites that provide the information you are seeking. I’m not much of a “tweeter” so I can’t speak from that end of the spectrum but being able to read others’ tweets and get their personal opinions is quite amazing. From the design end, these three are just a few, out of thousands of resources available to me.  I will continue to follow these and more in my quest to improve my skill-set.


~ by soyouthinkyouknow on December 14, 2011.

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