The Protester’s Survival Kit

For my project I wanted to create a promotional package that goes hand in hand with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I am not going to claim to be an expert on the matter but I want this project to serve as an educational tool to anyone interested in the protests. Hopefully we will all be a little better educated at the end of this project.

It isn’t really a secret that there is inequality in our financial institution. It’s been that way since the beginning. For the most part, we choose to ignore it. Most of us live modest lives and don’t worry, too much, about how wealthy another person is. But when we fall on hard economic times, that inequality starts to rise to the surface. You get enough people to realize that it exists and you get social unrest. People don’t like to be treated unfairly and they especially don’t like to know that they are being treated unfairly. I think we are setting the stage for some serious reform and I think everyone should learn as much as they can on the subject in order to make educated decisions when approaching the subject. I hope that my project will provide some of that knowledge and spark interest for people to spread the word and share their thoughts. It is important that we continue to have a voice in this country. If the 99% are pissed off and ready for a change then it is bound to happen sooner or later.

I remember watching “Capitalism: A Love Story” by Michael Moore about two years ago. For most of the movie I was in disbelief. I couldn’t understand how our country could be turning its back on the people. Knowingly and intentionally giving people the means to destroy their lives in the name of profits. It was disgusting. I had wondered how long it would take for people to get sick of it and rally against these huge corporations. Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of it. I was all caught up in school, trying to make good grades so I could hopefully get a better job out of college. But I forgot that no matter how high your GPA, it’s absolutely useless if you are entering a broken system. All you really have is a crystal clear understanding of how badly you are being screwed. So this project is a way for me to educate myself and get caught up on everything that is going on. I’m looking forward to it.

I will be creating a visually captivating promotional set which will be used as a means to pass on information. It will have facts about the protests, quotes, information behind the spark of the movement, and information on ways to get involved. I am making it to appeal to a younger crowd, but it could be useful to anyone interested in the movement. My target audience is anyone who wishes to learn a little more about what exactly is going on.

I will be creating the following:

  • Promotional packet with information
  • Poster that accompanies the packet
  • Flyers to spread the word
  • Other items that might serve a purpose

Here is a list of my current references where I am collecting the majority of my information.






Occupy Wall Street (twitter)



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