Lynda Training #1 Cont.

The training module that I completed covered the new features introduced into Illustrator in CS5. I will discuss some of those new features in this blog. The first thing that I learned was that they introduced a “perspective grid” element into the software. This grid allows you to map 2D images onto perspective plains. It makes it really easy to draw perspective drawings in Illustrator.

The next tool was the introduction of variable width strokes. This allows the user to create more dynamic illustrations without having to expand the original stroke. Essentially, it makes it easier to make lines that are thicker in some places and thinner in others without going through a bunch of steps.

The next few items were interesting in theory, but fell short with my training. They covered new items that allow for pressure sensitive drawing tablets to interact better with Illustrator. I will have to test this out later on. It didn’t give the same effect when just using my point and click mouse.

The last item that I found really interesting was the new “enhanced join” feature. Before, it was really hard to get lines to join with one another. The enhanced join feature allows you to seamlessly join multiple shapes overlapping one another. This functions more like CorelDraw’s weld tool, which is really handy. I think this was my favorite discovery from the tutorial.

Lastly, I learned some new steps/improvements for exporting AI files into Flash. This is helpful because I will be doing the Flash tutorial next. I will try to incorporate some of the new Illustrator features into my soon-to-be Flash experimentation.


~ by soyouthinkyouknow on October 5, 2011.

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