Beyond the Screen

I feel that touch screen technology has made a huge impact on the world. The surprising thing about it is that the technology hasn’t been around that long, at least not for your every-day consumer. Yet it has already been introduced into the lives of most people in some form or another. 10 years ago it would have been insane to think that your phone could react to touch. However, considering that technology evolves on an exponential level, it was almost certain to happen. The exciting thing is that 10 years from now a brand new onslaught of technology will be on the market. The question is…what will it be?

The idea of moving ideas and content on and off the screen is becoming an exciting new trend in developmental research.  This new device called Portico uses fold out cameras and projection technology to detect objects and motion around the device. It utilizes the space surrounding the tablet as workspace and things you do in this space are represented on the screen of your device. It is rather interesting because this technology could be applied to phones and other small devices to allow for real time collaboration outside of the device. Yet, everything that occurred, could be stored in the device.

While reading about this new technology, I remembered a TED talk that I saw a couple of years ago. It uses the same idea. But it is expanded upon to be much more functional in an everyday environment. I feel like the use of interactive display/ projection technology is where mobile devices are moving. This video is the reason why. It is just too cool not to happen. And the guy even published his research as open content, for free, to  anyone who has an urge to develop further on his findings.


~ by soyouthinkyouknow on September 26, 2011.

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